Wednesday 1/29

Most people have cellphones. It would be great to use them because sometimes there are just not enough laptops. If we could use our phones in class we could still participate in the same things that the classmates do that have computers to use.

monday 1/27

I think a plumber could benefit from typing skills by being able to type up different contracts, and typing help wanted posters if he needed someone to help him fast. The plumber could make contracts with customers so he looks more professional. He could also add posters to is designs for more help.

Firday 1/24

I think it is important to have typing skills because this world is based on technology. Everything is run off of technology every company that you see has a computer. Typing skills could help in college because you have to take notes really fast. If you can type well, You wont have to worry about falling behind the rest of the classes.